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  1. Science Hack Day San Francisco on the BBC World Service

    Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes on a problem can give us an important new perspective on it, but it is not often that scientists veer out of their very specialised fields to see their work through other people’s eyes. But 100 people, from a mix of different backgrounds, have just descended on San Francisco for Science Hack Day. They joined forces, shared skills, and spent 24-hours together, in the hope of finding new ways to use established technologies, and new ways to get information from existing data. Kate Arkless went to find out what a Science Hack Day is all about.

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  2. Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour 80: Hacking Science and Robots

    From Science Hack Day: the Best Science Hack winners and their robots.

    Guests: Ariel Waldman founder of, Christie Dudley of Team FREDnet, Geoffrey Chu and Matt Everingham of NASA Ames Research Center, David Burchanowski of and Jade Wang, neuroscientist at NASA

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  3. Open Science: Create, Collaborate, Communicate

    From South by Southwest Interactive 2010:

    From discovering galaxies to folding proteins: how to actively contribute to science. Science projects are harnessing open collaboration to further discovery and exploration. As a result, citizen science is witnessing a renaissance. The panel will discuss how you can get involved and challenges faced in making science open.

    • Ariel Waldman,
    • Kirsten Sanford, This Week in Science
    • Jessy Cowan-Sharp , NASA
    • Natalie Villalobos, Google
    • Tantek Çelik

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