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  1. Silicon Valley Does Not Care About Female Founders (Guest: Lisa Fetterman, Founder/CEO, Nomiku) | This is Your Life in Silicon Valley

    Lisa Fetterman is here to tell it like it is. She’s a gifted entrepreneur and inventor, and she cannot understand why Silicon Valley doesn’t care about female founders. This is a must-listen edition of the show featuring some great insight on how to fix the diversity problem in tech.

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  2. The Pipeline 6: Matt Haughey

    Matthew Haughey is a programmer, web designer, and blogger. He is the founder of MetaFilter, the PVRblog, and Fuelly, and is the publisher of the long-running weblog A Whole Lotta Nothing.

    Dan and Matt discuss the MetaFilter community, controlling a website’s growth, starting up a business without taking investment, the recent PVRblog sale, the personal life (or lack thereof) of a developer and community builder, blogging about your personal life, and more.

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  3. SitePoint Podcast #119: Online Community Roundtable with Matthew Haughey Sarah Hawk and Venessa Paech » SitePoint

    Episode 119 of The SitePoint Podcast is now available! This week the panel is made up of regular host Patrick O’Keefe (@iFroggy) with guests Venessa Paech (@venessapaech), Sarah Hawk (@ilovethehawk) and Matt Haughey (@mathowie). The panel discuss the profession of Online Community, how it’s grown in importance and profile, and what it means to today’s Web.

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  4. Silicon Valley startups: audio of the talk – from here to there

    In the last post I linked to my article (in Notes from Below) on how start-ups reproduce capitalism by creating new ventures that split people into an owning class (who lay claim on the firm’s residual income) and a working class (who don’t own the firm, and get paid a rental price for their labour). I pointed…

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  5. Jason Calacanis: “Angel: How to Invest in Technology Startups” | Talks at Google

    Jason Calacanis is a technology entrepreneur, angel investor, and the host of the weekly podcast This Week in Startups. As a scout for Silicon Valley venture capital firm Sequoia Capital and later as an angel investor, Jason has invested in 150 early-stage startups, including four that have achieved billion-dollar valuations (so far). His book, "Angel: How to Invest in Technology Startups," is published by HarperBusiness.

    Calacanis and Google Research Operations Manager Heath Row discuss the skills needed to pick a hit investment, what to look for in founders and investment opportunities, why VC should be democratized, and the difference between Silicon Alley, the Digital Coast, and Silicon Valley.

    Get the book here:

    Moderated by Heath Row, Research Operations Manager, Google.

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