The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 362, With Anil Dash

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  2. ELON MUSK 60 MINUTES INTERVIEW - Australia’s Electricity Crisis NEW 2017

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  3. 5by5 | The Pipeline #27: Anil Dash

    5by5 - The Pipeline #27: Anil Dash

    September 29, 2010 at 4:00pm • 49 minutes • Wiki Entry

    Dan Benjamin talks with Anil Dash about the web, blogging, being an entrepreneur, and changing society with technology. Anil is one of the earliest and most influential bloggers on the Internet, founding Director of Expert Labs, and co-founder and partner in Activate.

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  4. Heat Rocks, EP 7: Anil Dash on Prince’s “1999” (1982) | Maximum Fun


    Heat Rocks


    Anil Dash

    The album: Prince: 1999 (Warner Bros., 1982)

    This week, we are joined by Anil Dash, the tech entrepreneur and activist whose love for The Purple One is legendary. He takes us into the Heat Rocks deep dive for Prince's 1999, the album that marked his new wave turn. All three of us share tales of our older family members being scandalized by the sexy-sexiness on the album. Mmmmmm…spicy. 

    More on Prince and 1999:

    The original Rolling Stone album review.

    Prince on the Larry King Show in…1999.

    More on Anil Dash:

    Anil's "I Am #Transformed" talk, which talks about Prince, technology and a history of South Asian immigration to the USA.

    His guide to listening to Prince on streaming sites.

    Anil's Website | Twitter

    Show Tracklisting:

    Prince: 1999 "1999"

    Prince: 1999 "Delirious"

    Prince: 1999 "D.M.S.R."

    Michael Jackson Thriller "Thriller"

    Prince: 1999 "Little Red Corvette"

    Prince: 1999 "Lady Cab Driver"

    Prince: 1999 "Something in the Water"

    Prince: 1999 "Free"

    Prince: 1999 "All The Critics Love U in New York"

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  5. Panel: AI, Superintelligence

    Elon Musk and other panellists talk AI and answer the question: “If we succeed in building human-level Artificial general intelligence (AGI), then what are the likely outcomes? What would we like to happen?”

    Overview: 00:00. Yes, No, It’s complicated 03:10. Timescale (Elon at 5:45) 07:07. How to slow it down 14:04. Risks and mitigations (Elon at 32:14) 37:00. Upsides (Elon at 51:18) Q&A 52:44. Democracy 2.0 54:14. Bad guys 56:43. Democratising AI (Elon)

    Panelists: Bart Selman (Cornell), David Chalmers (NYU), Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX), Jaan Tallinn (CSER/FLI), Nick Bostrom (FHI), Ray Kurzweil (Google), Stuart Russell (Berkeley), Sam Harris, Demis Hassabis (DeepMind).

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  6. Wissen - Denken - Meinen - Elon Musk will Twitter doch kaufen | radioeins

    Der Unternehmer Elon Musk will den Kurznachrichtendienst Twitter doch übernehmen. Das bestätigte der Tech-Milliardär in einer Pflichtmitteilung an die US-Börsenaufsicht. 44 Milliarden Dollar lässt sich Tesla-Gründer Elon Musk die Übernahme von Twitter kosten. Die Summe war im April zwischen Musk und der Twitter-Führung vereinbart worden.

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