Hoaxes, fakes and pranks

Ellen E Jones and Mark Kermode explore hoaxes, fakes and pranks on screen for April Fool’s Day.

Mark is joined by documentarian Morgan Neville and Anna Bogutskaya for a deep dive into Orson Welles’ 1973 docudrama about forgers and fakery, F for Fake.

And Ellen looks back at small screen hoaxes, from the 1970s sci-fi mockumentary Alternative 3 to the terrifying BBC1 Halloween drama Ghostwatch via a sprinkling of Noel’s House Party, with the help of writers David Ambrose and Mark Gatiss.

Also, critic and filmmaker Mark Cousins shares his Viewing Notes.

Screenshot is Radio 4’s guide through the ever-expanding universe of the moving image. Every episode, Ellen E Jones and Mark Kermode journey through the main streets and back roads connecting film, television and streaming over the last hundred years.