Rolling in the Barrel

Grounded - Rolling in the Barrel 15th June 22

This show is all about folk and traditional music old and new. There’s a lot of great music of this type in Ireland atthe moment, and some of it is hightlighted - Cormac Begley, Lankum, Cinder Well, Niamh NĂ­ Charra, John Francis Flynn. There’s tales of the legendary folk singer who didn’t like the sound of her voice, a man who wrote an album about UFOs and then mysteriously disappeared in the 70s, and a box a tapes recorded by a father and rediscovered and reworked by a son. Freak folk, American ragas, modern indie folk from John Fahey, Robbie Basho, M. Ward, Katherine Priddy, Doran, Anne Briggs, Sylvie, Jim Sullivan.

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