Extended Cut: Brian Eno and Rick Rubin - Broken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam and Justin Richmond - Omny.fm

The Broken Record team has been revisiting some of our favorite episodes and releasing new extended cuts via PushNik, our Apple Podcasts subscription program. Today we’re giving you a taste of what those cuts sound like with the extended, ad-free cut of Rick Rubin’s conversation with Brian Eno. This episode was recorded just before the debut of Eno’s Sonos radio station, The Lighthouse, where Eno’s programmed days worth of unreleased tracks from various eras in his career. In this episode we get to hear Rick and Eno discuss the works that changed Eno’s conception of art (1:08:47), the way lyrics generally hold very little water for the both of them (34:39), and more on the way Eno incorporates randomness into his music 9:42). 

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