HTTP 203: Is Safari the new IE?

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  1. HTTP 203: Is Safari the new IE?

    In this episode, Surma and Jake chat about:  

    HTTP 203 on memory debugging →   Box-sizing →   IE5.5 box model →   Tim Perry’s article →   IE double margin bug →   IE duplicate characters bug →   Dave Rupert’s article →   PROXX →   Weird emails from browser testing services →  

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  2. Don Melton on Apple, Safari, WebKit and Netscape

    Don Melton is popularly known as the father of the Safari web browser or WebKit. He’s basically a web browser legend. Not only does Don tell us a lot of great stuff about Safari, WebKit, Apple and more, but he was also an early Netscape employee, so we get some more great details about that company, especially in its later stages.

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  3. Big updates in Safari 14 with Ronak Shah and Beth Dakin (The Changelog #400) |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changelog

    We’re joined by Ronak Shah and Beth Dakin from the Safari team at Apple about their announcements at WWDC20 and the release of Safari 14. We talk about Safari WebExtensions, Face ID and Touch ID coming to the web, Safari’s plans to advance the web platform, and it all comes down to their focus on privacy, power, and pe…

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  4. Remy Sharp Still Building Web Pages with HTML 5

    While at NDC, Carl and Richard talk to Remy Sharp about HTML 5. Remy discusses the state of things, how the diversity of browsers is as much a strength as a problem. He digs into the idea that you need to build your web app for the audience you have - perhaps it needs more support for older browsers, or focus on the latest features for the newest browsers. Check out the great collection of links to different services and sites that Remy mentions in the discussion!

    Remy Sharp is the founder and curator of Full Frontal, the UK based JavaScript conference. He also runs jQuery for Designers, co-authored Introducing HTML5 (adding all the JavaScripty bits) and is one of the curators of

    Whilst he’s not writing articles or running and speaking at conferences, he runs his own development and training company in Brighton called Left Logic. Generally speaking, he’s about as crazy about JavaScript, HTML & CSS as a squirrel is about his nuts during the winter!

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