“JUST A BANJO PLAYER”: Rhiannon Giddens - Ireland’s Edge | Acast

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  1. ‎Call & Response: Rhiannon Giddens: Looking Back (Looking Forward) on Apple Podcasts

    ‎“Nostalgia is a killer of truth” says roots musician Rhiannon Giddens. “Musically, what I try to do is just tell as much truth as I can.” In the first episode of Call & Response, Adia sinks into conversation with Rhiannon, and together, they trace the lineage of the banjo from the Caribbean to the C…


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  2. Rhiannon Giddens in Performance and Conversation

    Folk artist and MacArthur “Genius” Fellow Rhiannon Giddens comes to The Greene Space for an intimate evening of music and conversation, hosted by Alison Stewart of WNYC’s All Of It.

    Giddens is an artist beyond category. She trained in opera at the Oberlin Conservatory; co-founded the Grammy Award-winning string band Carolina Chocolate Drops; hosts the critically acclaimed podcast Aria Code; and has carved out a role as musician-activist, giving voice to the forgotten and oppressed through song.

    Her forthcoming album, there is no Other, will be released on May 3 on Nonesuch Records. It celebrates the spread of ideas and the commonality of the human experiences – through tracing the influence of African and Arabic sounds on European and American music to tearing down the artificial barriers between classical and popular music. She’ll perform selections from the record with Italian multi-instrumentalist Francesco Turrisi.

    The event will be taped for later broadcast and aired on All Of It.

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  3. 328: Rhiannon Giddens | Person Place Thing with Randy Cohen

    Person Place Thing with Randy Cohen is an interview show based on this idea: people are particularly engaging when they speak not directly about themselves but about something they care about. Guests talk about one person, one place, and one thing that are important to them. The result?

    Surprising stories from great talkers.



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