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  1. Nineteen Seventy Three • Damn Interesting

    On 12 November 1971, in the presidential palace in the Republic of Chile, President Salvador Allende and a British theorist named Stafford Beer engaged in a highly improbable conversation. Beer was a world-renowned cybernetician and Allende was the newly elected leader of the impoverished republic.

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  2. Myth Of The 20th Century - Episode 14: Pinochet, Life And Legacy In Chile - Social Matter (mythofthe20thcentury): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

    Welcome to the Myth of the 20th Century. The podcast airs on Fridays.

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    Adam Smith, Alex Nicholson, Hank Olson, Nick Mason


    Like many of history’s famous dictators, Augusto Pinochet – Chile’s ruler from 1973 to 1990 – has many in the world who condemn him to this day. What some may not know, however, is that many in Chile still remember the 1973 Coup that Pinochet led with gratitude, seeing his rule as a stabilizing force that averted a communist takeover, ending his predecessor’s disastrous economic policies and making Chile today the country with the highest per-capita GDP in Latin America. Today we examine this man’s history, and his legacy.


    1948- Augusto Pinochet appointed to run Pisagua prison camp

    1953- Salvador Allende leads a public grieving session for the death of Stalin

    1959- Pinochet returns to Chile from Peru

    1970- Allende elected President of Chile, quickly nationalizes key industries such as mining from multinational corporations, increases social spending

    1970-75- inflation in Chile, peaks at of over 800% annually

    1973- Pinochet leads all branches of the military in a coup to unseat Allende, who allegedly commits suicide

    1974- DINA assassinations of leftist sympathizers with likely support from the CIA

    1980- Constitution of Chile approved by voters

    1990- Pinochet granted Senator for Life status

    1998- Pinochet visits Margaret Thatcher

    1998-99- British authorities place him under house arrest after the ICC threatens to try him in Spain for human rights abuses

    2000- Pinochet allowed to return to Chile on pretense of ill health

    2000-06- Pinochet faces continued legal harassment until his death


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  3. Polak mieszkający w Chile opowiada o czasach Allende i Pinocheta

    José Hosiasson mieszka w Chile od 1948 roku. W wywiadzie dla naszego portalu opowiada o czasach Allende i Pinocheta. Jak twierdzi "nigdy nie miał więcej znajomych w rządzie, niż w czasach Allende". Jak wyglądały najważniejsze dni w historii Chile w oczach naszego rozmówcy? Zachęcamy do obejrzenia wywiadu!

    Od pięciu lat realizujemy dla Was nagrania w ramach projektu Nam Zależy. Jeżeli chcemy się rozwijać - musimy rosnąć, musimy docierać do nowych osób. Bardzo prosimy o subskrybowanie naszego kanału!

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  4. Riley’s Commie Book Club: ‘Designing Freedom’

    It’s that time again! Riley’s Commie Book Club is back a brief hiatus. This month, we’re discussing Stafford Beer’s lecture series "Designing Freedom." Beer, one of the principal architects of Cybersyn, the information network that served as the nerve centre for Allende’s Chile, spent his life thinking of ways that people could organise to solve common problems in ways that do not create pointless hierarchies between them. Check it out! I reference an episode of the podcast 99% Invisible here, and I promise I would link it. So! That episode: here.

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  5. Socialism 101

    Socialism. For many, particularly in the United States, the word evokes some pretty dark images. Dictators. The Cold War.

    But socialism started as an attempt to improve on capitalism. And, by the way, capitalism was really a reaction and criticism of feudalism. Back when society was divided into kings and peasants.

    Whether you support socialism or staunchly oppose it, there’s no debate it’s a major economic theory in the world. And the U.S. does have some socilaist policies already, think police departments, public schools, medicare — those are all a little socialist. And while we at Planet Money have talked about socialism in certain aspects, we haven’t done The Socialism Episode.

    Today on the show: Socialism 101. How it started, what versions exist today, and where it goes from here.

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  6. Socialism (Russell Moore)

    Socialism is a difficult topic for me. My wife and I adopted our two oldest sons from a Russian orphanage when they were both infants. I’ve seen firsthand the devastating effects of socialism, and I hate it. In this episode, I explain what socialism is and try to help you think about it in a Christian way, especially in light of the current political conversation about socialism in the United States.

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