Human Values Framework: Episode 2

An open discussion about the impact of human values in a digital society

BBC Research & Development is examining how core human values relate to digital media use, in order to enhance service design and improve impact measurement. Empirical research has identified fourteen core values, all underpinned by human needs and psychological drivers. These are the basis of the Human Values Framework, a new approach to the design of online services.

In this series of podcasts Lead Researcher Lianne Kerlin is joined by Senior Firestarter Ian Forrester to discuss the human values framework from different contexts. They are joined by experts in design, social impact of technology and other disciplines.

Episode 2: Applying the Framework

Presenters: Lianne Kerlin, Ian Forrester

Guests: - Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino - Designswarm - Katja Bego - Nesta - Paulien Dresscher - Netherlands film festival & - Solana Larson - Mozilla Foundation

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