Mena Trott: Meet the founder of the blog revolution | TED Talk

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  1. The dark side of free software communities — GNU MediaGoblin

    The dark side of free software communities Morgan Gangwere

    When you think of free software, what things come to mind? Freedom, obviously, but what others? A shared community? An open culture? Within free software culture, there is a perception and expectation of openness and collaboration within the community: all are welcome to the table, and your contributions speak for you. When you get outside the community by enough, however, the answer changes. Contemptuous, confusing, elitist, and abrasive are words that some outsiders use to describe free software communities. Some go out of their way to avoid the communities we’ve worked so hard to build. Why?

    In this talk, I’ll look at some of root causes of these opinions and attitudes, as well as how to solve some them and make our communities more approachable by outsiders by using real-world examples of the good, bad, and the ugly. Building off a decade of community involvement on the fringe of free software, plus an academic focus in organizational and community communications, I’ll help us make free software a welcoming place for newcomers, so we can all become strong advocates for free software!

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  2. Dave Trott, author and legendary ad man

    ASD and Sue Unerman speak to Dave Trott, author and legendary ad man.

    Listen to David talk about his roots, creative process, favourite books and how he feels about taking risks.

    You can follow Dave on @DaveTrott, Sue on @SueU and ASD on @ASDTheBrand

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  3. 5by5 | The Pipeline #27: Anil Dash

    5by5 - The Pipeline #27: Anil Dash

    September 29, 2010 at 4:00pm • 49 minutes • Wiki Entry

    Dan Benjamin talks with Anil Dash about the web, blogging, being an entrepreneur, and changing society with technology. Anil is one of the earliest and most influential bloggers on the Internet, founding Director of Expert Labs, and co-founder and partner in Activate.

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  4. Engineering Culture Podcast: Github’s Phil Haack on Moving from Engineering to Management

    In this podcast, Wes Reisz, chair of the QCon conferences in San Francisco, London and New York talks to Phil Haack, an Engineering Director at GitHub focused on software pushed mostly to the desktop.

    He’s shipping software like GitHub Desktop, GitHub Extensions for Visual Studio and the Atom text editor.

    Haack joined GitHub in 2011 and is a prominent member of the .Net community.

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  5. Domain Storytelling

    This month on the Cucumber Podcast we speak to Stefan Hofer about Domain Storytelling. Stefan describes Domain Storytelling as "a workshop format which helps people have a conversation about their domain; the idea is that domain experts tell stories that explain how people and software systems work together."

    Although well known and celebrated in the Domain Driven Design community, Domain Storytelling is starting to be discovered by software teams wanting to find innovative ways to build shared understanding.

    Asking the questions from Cucumber is Matt Wynne and Sallyann Freudenberg.


    Talk: Find Context Boundaries with Domain Storytelling - Stefan Hofer and Henning Schwenter -

    CukenFest London - Our annual BDD conference happening on April 4th-5th 2019 -

    The "Swim" System -

    Stefan’s Twitter -

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  6. EP52 - How we use Slack to build community online

    In this episode, Sam and Alex talk tools - specifically, one tool we use at Indy Hall to create community continuity. Find out which communication software we use to create a first-class gathering space for our entire community.

    People underestimate how much value an online gathering place brings to a coworking community. Using Slack, we create opportunities for members to discover one another and feel ownership over the community they belong to.

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