Anne Galloway ‘Speculative Design and Glass Slaughterhouses’ - This is HCD

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  2. #163 Design systems with Jina Anne - UX Podcast

    A podcast interview with Jina Anne about creating and managing digital design systems. Recorded in June 2017.

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  3. MiB: Scott Galloway, NYU and L2 | The Big Picture

    This week, our Masters in Business radio podcast, we speak with Scott Galloway, Professor of Digital Brand and Marketing at NYU Stern. Galloway has


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  4. Jina Anne and Micah Godbolt — The State of Design Systems

    Jina Anne and Michah Godbolt are back on the show, but together for the first time, to talk about design systems, how they are using design systems at their respective jobs, and what is the state of design systems.

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  5. Inside design systems with Brad Frost, Jina Anne, and Marco Suarez—hosted by Aarron Walter

    How can a design system accelerate your team’s ability to innovate at scale?

    In this fireside chat, InVision’s VP of Design Education Aarron Walter and design systems leaders Brad Frost (author of Atomic Design), Jina Anne (formerly Salesforce and organizer of Clarity Conference), and Marco Suarez (InVision design systems, formerly Etsy) have an in-depth conversation about the power of design systems.

    We cover how design systems bring endless value to the business of creativity, and what Brad, Jina, and Marco learned creating design systems with some of the best product teams in the world.

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  6. ‎Masters in Business: Scott Galloway Discusses the Algebra of Happiness on Apple Podcasts

    ‎Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Scott Galloway, a professor of marketing at the NYU Stern School of Business and author of "The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google." Galloway is also the founder of several firms, including the business intelligence compan…

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  7. Presentable #62: Design Systems Are for People - Relay FM

    Special guest and design system expert Jina Anne. She’s spent 15 years designing for companies like Apple, Salesforce, and Amazon. Today, we discuss how the state of the art in design systems is being driven by a community of dedicated "hybrids."

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  8. Patterns Day: Jina Anne

    Jina Anne speaking at Patterns Day in Brighton on June 30, 2017.

    A one-day event for web designers and developers on design systems, pattern libraries, style guides, and components.

    Patterns Day is brought to you by Clearleft.

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  9. Episode 6: Designing the Future

    How do you design the future? Today we talk with cyberpunk founder and design theorist Bruce Sterling and feminist/activist writer Jasmina Tešanović about speculative design, design fictions, open source hardware, the maker movement, and the soft robots of our domestic future. Plus we go behind the scenes of the creation of a design fiction by Bruce, Jasmina, Sheldon Brown, and the Clarke Center—a video installation called My Elegant Robot Freedom.

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  10. #26 Anne Cahalan on moving out of Junior-Developerness

    In this episode, I interviewed Anne Cahalan. Anne is an iOS developer at Detroit Labs, where she is constantly delighted by the niftiness of Swift. Anne told us her story. From the Bootcamp she went to and the apprenticeship program she followed, up to her "moving out" of "Junior-Developerness" a…

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