Anne Galloway ‘Speculative Design and Glass Slaughterhouses’ - This is HCD

Hello, and welcome to Power of Ten, a podcast about design operating at many levels, from thoughtful detail, through to organisational transformations, to changes in society and the world. My name is Andy Polaine, a design, educator, and writer, currently Group Director of Client Evolution at Fjord. My guest today is Dr. Anne Galloway. She’s an associate professor at Victor University of Wellington, New Zealand.

She brings her background in cultural studies and science, technology, and society studies to the study of design and the practice of design research, and teaches a course in design ethnography and speculative design, and leads the More Than Human Lab. When not at work, Anne is a shepherd to a small flock of Arapawa sheep and rare breed ducks, which inspire her research into farm animal welfare and public controversies. Welcome to Power of Ten, Anne.