53: How to Design Non-Sh**t Conferences with Andy Budd

Jonathan interviews Andy Budd, co-founder of Clearleft and the man behind popular design conferences like UX London and Leading Design. Jonathan asks lots of questions and but doesn’t even get close to asking everything he wants to ask. Some of the topics Jonathan and Andy touch on:

How Andy is pathological! It’s true! 👻

What are conferences for? Spoiler: it’s not education! 🤔

How to connect with people at conferences? 🤚🏻

How does Andy balance watching over 500 conference talks a year with running Clearleft? 🤯

Managing cashflow when running an agency. 🤑

How to agency? 🧐

Lastly they talk about selling out, because, spoiler, Jonathan is thinking of SELLING OFF AJ&SMART! WHAAAT! Yeah, no, just kidding. 😌