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  1. Craig Mod — How digital affects books and publishing


    We need to decouple the idea of ‘book’ from the mental image we carry around of ‘book.’ The innovation and benefit that digital brings to books and publishing lies less in how digital affects final artifacts, and more in how digital affects the systems leading up to and extending beyond those artifacts.

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  2. Hugh Howey Interview on Writing and Self Publishing | Publishing Profits Podcast #5


    Hugh Howey was a yacht captain when he wrote his first book which was picked up by a small publisher. But he quickly realized that all the marketing resources and tools used by publishers can be used by self published authors as well. He started self publishing his own books, and in September, 2011, his novella Wool took off and became a huge success.

    Hugh has sold more than 1.5 million books now, some of his books have been optioned for film, and he’s turned down multi-million dollar publishing contracts because as he says in the show, "I earn more self publishing."

    In this interview with Hugh Howey, he says focusing on writing the best books he can instead of writing query letters and chasing agents and publishers has been a big key to his success. He’s able to be more productive and focus on the most important part of being an author — writing. He doesn’t "try to get strangers to read my work." Instead, he just focuses on writing as much as he can and responding to every reader email, comment and question.

    Grab your notebook and pen and get ready to take notes, because you’re about to learn how to make some serious Publishing Profits.

    To learn more about Hugh Howey, visit his site at http://www.hughhowey.com

    To learn more about the Publishing Profit…

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  3. Tactility, delight, and publishing: the changing face of media platforms - Craig Mod - Gigaom Roadmap 2014

    Designer, writer and entrepreneur Craig Mod studies how the design of publishing is evolving. He’ll talk about the little details in publishing design that are signalling big changes ahead for media platforms.

    Audio rip, original here: http://new.livestream.com/gigaom/roadmap2014/videos/68725721

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  4. James Bridle — Wrangling Time: The Form and Future of the Book

    The internet has been around long enough now that it has a proper history, and it has started to produce media and artefacts that live in and comment on that history. James will be talking about his work with writing, books and wikipedia that hopes to explain and illuminate this temporal depth.

    James Bridle is a publisher, writer and artist based in London, UK. He founded the print-on-demand classics press Bookkake and the e-book-only imprint Artists’ eBooks, and created Bkkeepr, a tool for tracking reading and sharing bookmarks, and Quietube, an accidental anti-censorship proxy for the Middle East. He makes things with words, books and the internet, and writes about what he does at booktwo.org.


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  5. TMO Background Mode: Interview With Tidbits Publishing Editor-in-Chief Tonya Engst - Background Mode Podcast - The Mac Observer

    Tonya Engst is the Editor-in-chief and CFO of Tidbits Publishing as well as the publisher of Take Control Books. In our interview, Tonya takes us back to the beginning, her college days at Cornell University as a Communications major when she learned about Macs and desktop publishing with Aldus (later Adobe) PageMaker. Soon, she discovered that there was a need for people to learn more about their Macs. With her husband Adam, having moved to Seattle, they launched Tidbits in Hypercard format on Bulletin Board Systems. The breakout of the Internet meant converting all that Tidbits work to internet form. Soon, Tonya was writing books, and her expertise in electronic publishing naturally led to the Take Control Books that we all love today. It’s the awesome story of Tonya’s life journey into ePublishing.


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  6. Longform Podcast #126: Taffy Brodesser-Akner

    Taffy Brodesser-Akner is a contributing writer at The New York Times Magazine and GQ.

    “My writing career was something that was always about to happen, just as soon as the baby falls asleep, just as soon as I finish watching this five-hour bout of As the World Turns, just as soon as… What do you do when you realize that you have not been doing the thing you were going to do? You’re in your 30s. You get to work.”

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