Hannah Donovan, CEO & Co-founder, Trash

Hannah Donovan is the CEO & Co-founder of Trash, a new startup that’s currently building a predictive video editing platform for creators.

Hannah’s passion for media and design in all forms goes back to her early childhood.

She eventually moved to New York before using the remainder of her savings to fly to the UK to interview with Last.fm where she was the first designer and woman hired on the team.

Following the $280M acquisition of Last.fm by CBS, Hannah moved back to New York to push her product ideas and hypothesis on mixing AI and user recommendations in the audio space further with the launch of This Is My Jam, a cool and innovative platform for music lovers.

After almost 4 years of working on that technology, Hannah continued to pursue her interests and passions for creating new forms of content & art, as well as the creative process of using a variety of tools.

She joined Drip.com which was acquired by Kickstarter, and then the Twitter owned Vine platform, where she was faced with the unique challenge of shutting the platform down, shortly after joining.

Hannah joins us to share her story, how she got into design and startups, what it was like working at Last.fm, what it was like launching and growing her first music startup This Is My Jam, how she created the opportunity to join Vine as the General Manager, what it was like facing the immense challenge of shutting the beloved platform down while simultaneously preserving the amazing content, how she managed to pursue her passions and curiosities, while establishing a career in consumer entertainment technology, what she’s currently up to with her new startup Trash, and much more!