How technology brings out the worst in us, with Tristan Harris

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  1. How technology brings out the worst in us, with Tristan Harris - The Ezra Klein Show

    In 2011, Tristan Harris’s company, Apture, was acquired by Google. Inside Google, he became unnerved by how the company worked. There was all this energy going into making the products better, more addicting, more delightful. But what if all that made the users’ lives worse, more busy, more distracted?

    Harris wrote up his worries in a slide deck manifesto. “A Call to Minimize Distraction & Respect Users’ Attention” went viral within the company and led to Harris being named Google’s “design ethicist.” But he soon realized that he couldn’t change enough from the inside. The business model wasn’t built to give users back their time. It was built to take ever more of it.

    Harris, who co-founded the Center for Humane Technology, has become the most influential critic of how Silicon Valley designs products to addict us. His terms, like the need to focus on “Time Well Spent,” have been adopted (or perhaps coopted) by, among others, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

    I interviewed Harris recently for my podcast. We

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  2. Presentable #19: Design Ethics and the Race to the Bottom of the Brain Stem - Relay FM

    This week’s special guest is Tristan Harris, former Design Ethicist at Google and the founder of the Time Well Spent movement. We talk about ethics in design, and how even our best intentions in serving users can often make use of manipulative patterns.

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  3. The Ethics and Tricks of Technology (Tristan Harris Pt. 1)

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  4. Big Tech and the Future of Capitalism

    The power of Big Tech only seems to be growing as the pandemic has shifted work, education, and social life online. Large tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google are both being praised for providing valuable services and publicly criticized for unjust labor practices, wealth hoarding, and allowing misinformation to spread on digital platforms.

    Today on the show, we talk about the tech industry’s structural racism and connection to the militarized police state, Silicon Valley’s response to coronavirus, ethics in tech, worker organizing, and the future of capitalism with Wendy Liu, author of Abolish Silicon Valley.

    Wendy Liu is a self-described "former tech kool-aid drinker" who now writes and speaks about technology and politics from a leftist perspective. Her debut book is Abolish Silicon Valley: How to Liberate Technology from Capitalism (Repeater Books, 2020).

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