Spark Episode 73: Copyright, the public domain, and remix culture

On this episode of Spark: Copyright, the public domain, and remix culture:

  • Kutiman remixes YouTube on THRU YOU (full interview)
  • Teru remixes Nora’s full interview with Kutiman to win Spark’s remix contest
  • James Boyle tries to balance intellectual property rights and the public domain (full interview)
  • Jean Dryden demystifies Canadian copyright law
  • Elizabeth mentions several helpful links
  • Nora mentions her full interview with Jason Kottke (coming soon)

This episode features Creative Commons music and sound effects:

  • “Wadidyusay?” by Zap Mama
  • “Climbing the Mountain” by Podington Bear
  • “Spark Kutiman Interview Minute” by teru
  • “Movin’ on Up” by Chad Crouch