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  1. Harry Roberts — The Tools of a CSS Front-end Architect

    Harry Roberts is an award-winning Consultant Front-end Architect, writer, and speaker from the UK. Roberts is often asked for his advice by web teams to help make their CSS better organized and more efficient.

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  2. The ups and downs of dominating a niche - Harry Roberts (CSS Wizardry) | Hacking UI

    Today we had the pleasure of talking to Harry Roberts, the founder of the well-known blog, CSS Wizardry. Harry has built an incredible personal brand and we’ve

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  3. The story so far with Harry Roberts

    This week Sam(@samjbmason) talks with Harry Roberts (@csswizardry) about his journey so far moving from Sky to becoming a Front-end Architect and Performance Engineer.

    We discuss how he got his first speaking gig, the benefits of having a blog and what should newcomers developers learn when starting out.

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  4. #1 - Beer with Harry Roberts

    Welcome to the first edition of ScriptCast, a podcast about JavaScript. While waiting for the next iteration of ScriptConf, we want to produce new content for you and meet interesting people of the JavaScript world!

    For the first edition our organiser Stefan meets with no other than Harry Roberts and has a wonderful talk about web performance and the beer garden culture of Vienna.

    Also, we do a short shoutout to the next iteration of ScriptConf, which will take place January 19, 2018 in Linz!


    Big thanks to Donau Tech Radio ( for letting us borrow their recording equipment. Also huge thanks to Schepp ( for doing so much magic in post-production!

    Links: - Harry on Twitter: - Webpagetest: - Script’18:

    Original video:
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  5. CSS Wizard Harry Roberts - Developing Consultant Magic | Being Freelance

    Steve discovers how CSS Wizardry’s Harry Roberts went from secure staff job to in-demand consultant and international speaker. Great tips on self marketing, the importance of your own site’s language to getting hired and the difference in being a freelance consultant.

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  6. ‘Two old farts looking at their calendars’ with Harry Roberts and Jonathan Snook | Unfinished Business

    We’re back. Back in business. Unfinished Business. Episode 101. For this, the first episode of 2015, I’m joined by two of the best well-known writers about how to implement CSS on a large scale Harry Roberts and Jonathan Snook.

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  7. 045: With Harry Roberts - ShopTalk

    This week we were joined by Harry Roberts of CSS Wizardy. Harry does a lot of writing about CSS architecture and writing good CSS. He has a fancy title at BSkyB and has worked on apps such as Faavorite. We talk about (roughly in order):


    To use or not to use ID’s, the saga. (1) (2) (3) (4)

    Changes afoot for Ellis Labs / Expression Engine

    Q & A

    In search of the ah-ha moment for preprocessors. (For Harry, variables in inuit.css)

    What sort of planning process do you go through to prepare yourselves to write efficient code on large projects?

    How do CSS transforms interplay with normal CSS properties like height/width and top/left?

    Newly added styles have a way of just being append to end of stylesheet. Are there organizational principals to help with that?

    There are lots of new awesome workflow tools for Mac, what about Windows and Linux?

    Is there some kind of tool to automate making CSS IE compatible?


    Environments for Humans – InControl 2013 in Orlando is going to be fantastic! Both Dave and Chris will be there. Save $100 with coupon code SHOPTALKSHOW

    More Harry


    045: with Harry Roberts [ 1:02:46 ] Download

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  8. JSJ 299: How To Learn JavaScript When You’re Not a Developer with Chris Ferdinandi -


    AJ O’Neal

    Joe Eames

    Aimee Knight

    Special Guests: Chris Ferdinandi

    In this episode, JavaScript Jabber panelist speak with Chris Ferdinandi. Chris teaches vanilla JavaScript to beginners and those coming from a design background. Chris mentions his background in Web design and Web Develop that led him JavaScript development. Chris and the JSJ panelist discuss the best ways to learn JavaScript, as well as resources for learning JavaScript. Also, some discussion of technologies that work in conjunction with vanilla JavaScript.

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    Teaching JavaScript – Beginners and Design patrons

    Web Design and Web Development

    CSS Tricks 

    Todd Motto

    How to do jQuery Things without jQuery

    Doing things like mentors (Todd)

    When JavaScript makes sense.

    CSS is easier to learn then JS?

    Being good at CSS and JS at the same time?

    How about Node developers?

    jRuby, DOM


    And much more!





    Discover Card



    Your Smart Phone is Making You Stupid…

    Crypto Currency


    Mystic Vale



    Teva Mush

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  9. 301: Hangovers - ShopTalk

    We’ve recovered from our ep300 festivities and we’re back answering your Q’s with our best A’s - How to handle multiple projects on a dev team? What should we call JavaScript? Tips for scroll-jacking in a nice way? Best practices for CSS? And how to write when you don’t want to write?

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  10. thoughtbot Learn - The most ironic iOS developer

    Ben Orenstein is joined by Gordon Fontenot and Matt Mongeau, two thoughtbot developers, to discuss iOS development using both Objective-C and RubyMotion. Ben, Matt, and Gordon talk about the differences between the two platforms for iOS development, testing in iOS development, the difficulty in it, and the ways to do it. They also make they’re recommendations for getting started with iOS development, and discuss iOS apps they like, designing iOS applications, the iOS release cycle, and much more.

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