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  1. 5by5 | The Big Web Show #131: Life After Typekit with Jeff Veen

    Jeffrey Zeldman’s guest is web pioneer Jeff Veen (@veen), cofounder of Typekit and Adaptive Path, co-creator of Measuremap, author of The Art & Science of Web Design and Hot Wired Style, ex-Google, ex-Adobe, now with True Ventures capital investment firm.

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  2. From Pixels to Plastic

    As a point of departure, Matt Webb introduces us to the concept of Generation C, a generation not defined by age but by a mindset shaped by the internet. People in Generation C are connected in communities, are creatively involved, and like to control their surroundings.

    Designing products that appeal to Generation C involves looking at the experience that products produce and treating experience as a design surface on which to work. Using entertaining examples, Matt illustrates the colors in the experience pallet. He discusses the enjoyment we get out of watching familiar things happen, why we like to work with semi-autonomous things, and the pleasure we get from conceiving complex activities as a single object.

    This design philosophy tends to blur the boundaries between hardware, software, and the Web. Concepts like desktop widgets can be abstracted to new products that transcend the computer desktop. Pixels can become plastic.


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  3. Jeff Veen, Design Partner at True Ventures, on How a Design Expert Views Investments

    In the latest episode, Carlos was joined by Jeff Veen, Design Partner for True Ventures, a Venture Capital firm that focuses on supporting the earliest stage Founders and their teams. In the podcast, Jeff and Carlos discuss how a Partner with a design background views potential investment decisions, unearthing a lot of advice on design for startups in the process.

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  4. Interview with Matt Webb @CassTechTalks

    BERG has been developing products and inventing the future since 2005. They began life as a design consultancy, working hands-on with companies to research and develop their technologies and strategy, primarily by finding opportunities in networks and physical things; or in other words, the Internet of Things.

    At the beginning of November 2013 they opened up their operating system to the public following an £ 800,000 investment. BERG have moved from design consultancy to fully fledged tech company.

    Hear all about BERG’s transformation in the second of the TechTalks@Cass. Matt Cowan hosts Matt Webb, Chief Exec at BERG.

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