Presentable #25: The Tenuous Resilience of the Open Web - Relay FM

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  1. Episode 012 - Designing Resilience with Jeremy Keith by The Object-Oriented UX Podcast • A podcast on Anchor

    Jeremy Kieth is the cofounder of Clearleft, a design agency specializing in building resilient, future-proof, backwards compatible, and just super elegant web experiences. He is also the author of "Resilient Web Design," which he has made available for free to all of us through Creative Commons licensing, as well as many other books on super-geeky topics like DOM Scripting, Ajax, and HTML5. In this episode of the podcast, Sophia and Jeremy discuss how responsive design made the truth about the Internet apparent, why the invisible is hard to prioritize, and what a bad design system means for our end users. Enjoy!


    Follow Jeremy on Twitter: @adactio

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    Listen to The Clearleft Podcast on Spotify

    Book your tickets to UX Fest (June 1-3, 2021)—-Designing-Resilience-with-Jeremy-Keith-e10cqp9

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  2. SitePoint Podcast #111: Responsive Web Design with Jeremy Keith

    Episode 111 of The SitePoint Podcast is now available! This week Louis Simoneau (@rssaddict) talks with Jeremy Keith (@adactio), a UK-based web designer and author of several books on web design. We talk about Jeremy's views on Responsive Web Design, and how Jeremy feels this is creating an exciting time to be a web designer.

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