Episode 12: Flipper

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  1. 3620 Podcast: F is Not For Phreak

    We celebrated our one month anniversary a few days ago, so it seemed fitting to run with the very first episode that we produced back when we were kicking around ideas for getting the podcast off the ground. It’s a page out of Kevin’s research on the history of hacker culture, which turns to a meditation on the role of telephony and sound in our world. Enjoy!

    Major Thanks…

    The phreak who goes by Mark Bernay is a wonderful and gracious guy for talking with me and for lending me some of his audio to use in this episode. If you want to check out more of his recordings, head over to Phone Trips.


    • “Real Love” by Delorean (0:00)
    • “Imitosis” by Andrew Bird (2:32 & 8:14)
    • “Dead Media” by Hefner (4:53)
    • “Pick Up the Phone” by Dragonette (9:44)


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  2. 088 Mad Men Podcast – Lost Horizon | madmenpodcast.com

    going out on a limb and skipping right to the last episode which we read is called “Person To Person”. In college there were lines at the phone in the dorm or if you had your own phone in your room you would either call the operator and ask to make a collect call to anyone or if you only wanted to reverse the charges if your father was home you would tell the operator you want to make a person to person call to John Doe…so we think,our entire band, 17 of us that this title refers to a phone call and it may be Diana calling Don at work person to person. We not sure how she found out where Don was other than from perhaps her ex husband….Who knows but historically Person to Person was either a TV show with Edward R Murrow or a phone call.

    We think a telephone call.

    NOTE: Quick remark, we really don’t think Joan worked all that much and accomplished that much in the sales and creative aspect of every iteration of the company. She was a great indispensable office manager/executive assistant but she only reached her financial and title pinnacle after her deal with the devil.


    —Huffduffed by kevinpacheco