252: Finding “A Thing” with Una Kravets and Krystal Higgins - ShopTalk

It’s conference season and we’ve Una Kravets and Krystal Higgins from An Event Apart Seattle on to talk about how they got into their “things” – the stuff they talk about, why they picked that topic, what to do if other people hop on your thing, and ideas to start giving talks at conferences.

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9:10 Summary of Krystal’s talk “The Joy of Optimizing” talk at An Event Apart Seattle

14:10 How did Krystal learn about on-boarding and dive in to it?

17:20 Can a good app still survive even with bad on-boarding?

19:10 Dave walks into a bar and signs up for Snapchat.

22:01 How do you rate a good or bad on-boarding experience?

26:30 How do you get invited to talk at conferences?

33:40 How does Krystal’s involvement with Android Wear relate to on-boarding?

35:30 Chris tries on a HTC Vive

44:01 What happens if somebody starts treading on your thing?

47:40 If too many people have the same thing, does it create too much noise around it?

50:50 What if no one is interested in your thing?

52:07 3 things to look for in a conference talk.

55:05 Chris’ low-fi way to test out a talk idea.