Tech Weekly podcast at SXSW 2011 | Technology |

This week's Guardian technology podcast comes to you from the South by Southwest interactive festival in Austin, Texas.

Every year, the geeks descend on this university town in central Texas, and now, on its 18th anniversary, the SXSW event is far bigger than ever. There are 20,000 people here for this show alone, with 25 tracks of content taking place in venues throughout the city, tackling topics as varied as the invisible game layer, the future of journalism, how to take code to the next level, and how to create a personal cult. Mostly, it seems to be about being "awesome" and "how to rock" things, if you go by the titles on the schedule.

In this programme Jemima Kiss meets some of the many Brits in town here for business. We find out what really is unique about the web, and we'll get designer, performer and digital joy-maker Ze Frank's views on how SXSW has evolved over the years.

Tim Wu reflects on previous revolutions in communications, such as the telephone and radio, and offers some thoughts on the future of the internet and net neutrality.