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  1. Paul Romer: A Theory of History, with an Application

    New Cities with New Rules

    This talk was the first in a series of public discussions of an idea that Paul Romer has been working on for two years.

    His economic theory of history explains phenomena such as the constant improvement of the human standard of living by looking primarily at just two forms of innovative ideas: technology and rules.

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  2. Podcast #236: What the Generational Cycle Theory Can Tell Us About Our Present Age

    How Neil and his co-writer stumbled upon the generational theory of history How the cyclical approach to history differs from the way most historians approach the subject Why looking at people throughout their entire life is useful in analyzing history The predictions that Neil made about Millennials back in the 1980s The four “turnings” we see over and over again in American history Which turning are we in right now? How the changes in hip hop in the past decade are similar to the changes in jazz during the 1940s How our current political mood in the U.S. is similar to that of the mid-19th century How Howe determines what makes up a generation and the four different generational archetypes What the generational theory tells us about how moods towards gender differences vary from generation to generation What Millennial women want in men (and how it’s different from what Boomer women wanted in men) Can millennials really be the next Hero Generation? How millennials will use technology to re-shape public life What happens when societies don’t solve the crisis’ of fourth turnings The limitations of the generational theory of history


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  3. Heroes Of Podcasting #3: Leo Laporte, This Week In Tech | Curious Minds Podcast

    This series explores the history and future of podcasting, and each episode will feature a single guest who is a pioneer of podcasting. This time, we’re interviewing Leo Laporte, from This Week In Tech.

    Leo Laporte is one of the very first podcasters. In 2005 Leo left – or almost left – traditional radio to start his own podcasting network, centered around cutting edge technology news, called TWIT. TWIT quickly became one of the most successful podcast networks with millions of downloads and award winning show such as This Week In Tech, Security Now and the New Screen Savers.

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  4. Claude Shannon, Father of Information Theory | Internet History Podcast

    Claude Shannon was a mathematician, electrical engineer, and cryptographer known as “the father of information theory.” In the pantheon of cool people who made the modern information era possible, he’s right up there. Today, we’re going to talk about Shannon’s life with Jimmy Sony and Rob Goodman, authors of a great biography of the man called A Mind At Play, How Claude Shannon Invented the Information Age. Especially you software engineers out there, if you don’t know who Claude Shannon was, get educated. You owe your livelihood to this man.

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  5. 236 Podcast Answer Man – Leo Laporte Interview – The Power of Podcasting

    My Interview With Leo Laporte Folks, I am so excited to share this interview with with you. There is no doubt that this will forever be one of my all time favorite episodes.

    In this interview Leo shares a brief history of how he first got started in podcasting when a young listener, Matt Bishoff, called in to say that he noticed that Leo was already putting the .mp3 recordings of his radio show on the website and asked why he wasn’t turning them into a podcast.

    In April 2005, Leo began to record conversations about technology news with friends from his TechTV days. He mentioned how much of a pain it was to get all of the equipment set up and working each week and how much of a pain it was, spending hours every week, doing post production to salvage whatever he could of the horrible sounding audio. He shared how he got better at doing it over time and how technology and the equipment available improved as well.

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  6. Eric Dollard - History and Theory of Electricity

    MEET ERIC AT THE 2018 ENERGY SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE - - This presentation by Eric P. Dollard has been uploaded by others and was mis-titled as "The Theory of Anti-Relativity". That title is actually a paper by Eric and this presentation is the History and Theory of Electricity. Eric Dollard’s nickname for this presentation is "Explosion in the Shipyard" because of one story shared. Eric Dollard gave this presentation at the Tesla Society around 2007.

    This is the only version authorized by Eric P. Dollard as any version that has any other subtitle other than is in violation of Eric’s copyrights. If Eric’s middle initial P is missing from the domain name, it is an imposter website that was setup without Eric’s knowledge or consent.

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