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  1. EP.4 - JON RONSON by Adam Buxton

    Adam Buxton talks to Jon Ronson (author of ‘So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed’, ‘The Psychopath Test’, ‘The Men Who Stare At Goats’ etc. about dealing with criticism, Woody Allen, neuroses, podcasts and the reaction to his latest book. At the end of the podcast Adam also unveils his brand new song about James Bond, which may or may not be considered unnecessary overkill…


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  2. Nerdist Podcast: Adam Buxton « Nerdist

    British actor/comedian/radio host Adam Buxton sits down with Chris and Jonah to talk about cleaning the airplane bathroom on his flight to L.A., horror stories of doing shows in venues that aren’t properly prepared, what is was like making a music video with Radiohead, and his own love of podcasts!

    Photo Credit: Ben Meadows


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  3. EP.44 - ADAM CURTIS

    Adam talks to British journalist and documentary maker Adam Curtis, whose films include The Power Of Nightmares, The Century Of The Self, Bitter Lake and HyperNormalisation.

    Thanks to Nicky Waltham and her editor friend Doug Bryson for helping me put this episode together along with my regular production support pal Seamus Murphy Mitchel.

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    Music and jingles by Adam Buxton

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    Adam enjoys a ramble with Queens Of The Stone Age front man Josh Homme and his friend, comedian Matt Berry. CONTAINS STRONG ROCK LANGUAGE!

    Adam Buxton’s Old Bits DVD is out now from gofasterstripe.com

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    Thanks to Seamus Murphy Mitchell for production support and Jack Bushell for additional editing on this episode.

    Music & jingles by Adam Buxton

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