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  1. The Big Web Show #122: On Web Typography with Jason Santa Maria

    Jason Santa Maria of Vox Media & A Book Apart discusses his new book, On Web Typography, with host Jeffrey Zeldman. The two designers discuss writing on trains, placing objects and playing with type, the new web designer, designing the Typekit logo, editorial design and Vox Media, three years and two editors, heavenly italics, type classification systems, Dieter Rams and "touch-ability," design as strategy, hitting it with the pretty stick, and more.

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  2. Design Details - 80: Helvetica, Helvetica, Helvetica (feat. Jason Santa Maria) - Spec

    Podcasts for Designers and Developers. Level up your career.

    Last weekend we visited New York City and caught up with one of our favorite designers, Jason Santa Maria. We pick his brain about process, mentorship and typography, and he walked us through his journey as a designer.

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  3. Typography on the Web with Jason Santa Maria » The East Wing

    The East Wing is a podcast brought to you by Tim Smith, that talks with industry experts about design, solving problems and the keys to creating products with value.

    This is a great episode. Jason Santa Maria is an amazingly smart guy and comes on the show to talk about how his beginnings in design, nostalgia, the importance of type on the web and his new book coming out later this year.

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