Forgotten tragedy: The loss of HMT Lancastria | The National Archives

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  1. Titanic: the official story | The National Archives

    Using documents from The National Archives, James Cronan will take you through the history of the ship, from its construction and launch to its fateful end. James Cronan is a records specialist in diplomatic and colonial records. His interest in all things Titanic stems from the fact that his great-grandfather was a crewman on board the stricken ship. He has worked at The National Archives for 17 years, at Chancery Lane, the Family Records Centre and Kew.

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  2. The Carrington Event — Outside/In

    You know that scene in every disaster movie, where the frantic and panicky

    science nerd unsuccessfully tries to warn the powers that be that something

    terrible is about to happen?

    In this episode, we explore a historic storm of cosmic proportions, which

    If it happened today, experts say could turn out to be a disaster the likes

    of which our modern world has never seen. So…how do you prepare for a

    disaster that always seems incredibly far away… until it’s not?

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  3. The Whaleship Essex: Real-life Moby Dick Sinks a Ship | Stuff You Missed in History Class: The Podcast

    Although Herman Melville’s opus is a work of fiction, it was inspired by real-life events. In this episode, Katie and Sarah explore the story of the real-life Moby Dick — and the unfortunate vessel that encountered it in the Pacific.

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