Hooked on Bycatch: Seafood You Should Be Eating - SXSW Interactive/Film 2016

Wherever there is fishing, there is bycatch—the incidental capture of non-target species, and some chefs/fishmongers are working hard to promote the "trash fish" on menus, both for the good of our planet and our taste buds. Yet while most educated diners want to order "sustainable seafood," if faced with choosing between a responsibly harvested salmon and a fish they’ve never heard of (can I interest you in a beautiful Ribbonfish this evening?), diners often rely on what they know and love. Who is successfully making bycatch a part of their everyday menu? What are they serving (and why), and how can we promote this movement nationwide? This is the next generation of nose-to-tail cooking.

Original video: https://soundcloud.com/officialsxsw/hooked-on-bycatch-seafood-you-should-be-eating-sxsw-interactivefilm-2016
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