Dribbble - Show and tell for designers

Overtime is Dribbble’s audio companion and our first foray into the world of audio. In this interview, Dan speaks with letter, logo, and font designer, Ian Brignell.

Ian Brignell

I am a lettering, logo and font designer based in Toronto, Canada. Also, I like to barbeque on my balcony during snowstorms.

Ian’s impressive client list includes Budweiser, Smirnoff, Harvard, Dove, Hershey’s and many more. We were honored to talk to Ian about his background, his process, tips for designing and lettering, collaboration, and his advice for young designers.

Dan also asks Ian about a few of his Dribbble shots and the story behind them. Ian shares his process for designing the Coke font and the Budweiser label pictured above. He also told us about his font foundry, IB Type, where he has fonts for purchase. So, not only can you admire Ian’s great work, but you can use it in your next project.

It was a really great conversation and we’re excited to share it with you. Enjoy!