#183: The Offline First Revolution and Speech Recognition With Tal Ater - The Changelog

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  1. The Web Platform Podcast : 113 UpUp and Away

    Tal Ater (@TalAter), creator of Annyang, a powerful speech recognition library for the web, has now created UpUp, an Offline First library using the power of Service Workers.  UpUp is an incredible asset for web developers wanting to build Progressive Web Applications (PWA’s) Resources UpUp - https://www.talater.com/upup/ UpUp (Github) - https://github.com/TalAter/UpUp Are Service Workers Ready? -

    https://jakearchibald.github.io/isserviceworkerready/ Offline First Slack Channel  - http://offlinefirst.org/chat/ Tal’s new book - https://pwabook.com cache.adderall(⚡) - https://www.talater.com/adderall/ The Changelog 183 : The Offline First Revolution and Speech Recognition with Tal Ater - https://changelog.com/podcast/183 Jeremy Keith’s Service Worker link collection - https://adactio.com/links/tags/serviceworkers


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  2. Going Offline: Service Workers with Jeremy Keith

    We have special guest Jeremy Keith from ClearLeft to discuss Service Workers: what they are, how users can benefit from them, and how we implement them. Jeremy authored the book “Going Offline” which goes into glorious detail on the subject, so he’s well positioned to discuss the topic.

    We talk about how using a Service Worker can beneficially impact the user experience by allowing your website to still function despite spotty or no Internet connection at all. We also delve into many practical applications of the technology.

    We discuss how in-browser technologies like Service Workers allow websites to act more like “apps”, how Service Workers are installed, and how they are like a virus, a toolbox, and a duckbilled platypus at once.


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  3. Offline Web Experiences with Jeremy Keith «CTRL+CLICK CAST

    Why should we plan for offline? How can service workers help? Developer and author Jeremy Keith dives into the whys and hows of building good offline web experiences.


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  4. ChangeLog: 25 years of speech technology innovation with Jeff Adams, founder and CEO of Cobalt Speech and Language (Practical AI #133) |> Changelog


    To say that Jeff Adams is a trailblazer when it comes to speech technology is an understatement. Along with many other notable accomplishments, his team at Amazon developed the Echo, Dash, and Fire TV changing our perception of how we could interact with devices in our home. Jeff now leads Cobalt Speech and Language, a…


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  5. The Changelog #244: Learning JavaScript and Bringing People Together with Tracy Lee | Changelog

    Tracy Lee joined the show to talk about bringing people together, helping people, and making an impact. We covered learning JavaScript, the ins and outs of her road to get to where she’s at today, hitting burnout and sleeping for two weeks, breaking into the JavaScript community, and the fun cruise, workshops, and conferences she’s working on for the JavaScript community.


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  6. Automatic Speech Recognition - An Overview

    An overview of how Automatic Speech Recognition systems work and some of the challenges.

    See more on this video at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/video/automatic-speech-recognition-overview/

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q67z7PTGRi8&t=4565s
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