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  1. The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 132, With Guest Marco Arment

    The Talk Show

    ‘Peace, Porn, and Privacy’, With Guest Marco Arment

    Saturday, 3 October 2015

    Marco Arment joins the show to discuss ad blockers, advertising in general, and the new iPhones 6S.

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  2. Online Advertising: Podcast 167 | Leadership Network

    Online Advertising: Podcast 167

    Nils and Jay are huge fans of online ads. In this podcast, they talk about the various ways and opportunities for marketing chuches online. They discuss practical steps for churches to take in order to take advantage of online ads and become more strategic in reaching more people to bring the Gospel to the world more efficiently.

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    Show notes for Online Advertising: Podcast 167


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  3. Surprisingly Free

    Catherine Tucker on online advertising and antitrust — Catherine Tucker, Douglas Drane Career Development Professor in IT and Management, and Assistant Professor of Marketing at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, discusses her paper with Avi Goldfarb in the Journal of Competition Law and Economics entitled, Substitution between Offline and Online Advertising Markets. According to Tucker, the FTC treats online advertising as a distinct market from offline advertising for antitrust purposes. She describes the study she and Goldfarb conducted, where they sought to determine whether online advertising could serve as a substitute for offline advertising. Tucker also discusses Google’s role in online advertising, how its auction mechanism affects pricing, and the difference between search advertising and display advertising. The conversation ends with a discussion on policy implications on how dominate players in online advertising should be viewed.

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