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  1. 262: CSS Grid with Rachel Andrew and Jen Simmons - ShopTalk

    Grid is getting a ton of support in modern browsers and so we’ve got a couple of grid experts in Jen Simmons and Rachel Andrew on to help us navigate the grid – what is it? When can we use it? How do flexbox and grid play together? What about Bootstrap?


    7:00 What is grid? And what does it mean?

    16:30 What’s the mobile story for grid?

    22:30 What is grid and why should someone be excited about it?

    27:40 What about all that extra CSS with grid?

    36:10 What’s autofill?

    47:40 How do flexbox and grid play together?

    1:01:02 When should you use something like Bootstrap?

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  2. Laying Out the Future with Rachel Andrew | The Web Ahead

    Jen Simmons, host and executive producer

    As a full-stack designer since 1996, with expertise in HTML & CSS, my projects include front-end development work for CERN, design work for Google and the W3C, and clients from Mark Boulton Design to the Annenberg Foundation. My career has been an eclectic blend of award-winning short films, print design, theatre, audio-mixing for live shows, and speaking. I’m deeply interested in content structure and innovating page layout. The Web Ahead was born of a desire for us to empower and challenge one another as we make the web.

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  3. Responsive Day Out 2: Rachel Andrew

    Rachel Andrew speaking at the second Responsive Day Out in Brighton on June 27th.

    The Responsive Day Out is an affordable, enjoyable gathering of UK designers and developers sharing their workflow strategies, techniques, and experiences with responsive web design.

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  4. The Web Ahead #115: Predicting the future with Rachel Andrew, Eric Meyer, and Jeffrey Zeldman

    The landscape of what’s possible in web page layout is changing. Jen has a theory that this change will be a big one — perhaps the biggest change to graphic design on the web in over 15 years. Rachel, Jeffrey, and Eric join her to debate if that’s true or not, and to surmise what the future might bring. This special episode was recorded live at An Event Apart Nashville.

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  5. Patterns Day: Rachel Andrew

    Rachel Andrew speaking at Patterns Day in Brighton on June 30, 2017.

    A one-day event for web designers and developers on design systems, pattern libraries, style guides, and components.

    Patterns Day is brought to you by Clearleft.

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