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  1. The Digital Commons

    Host Francesca Rheannon talks with David Bollier about his latest book, VIRAL SPIRAL. It’s about how the Internet is building a new digital republic. And Cory Doctorow tells us about his science fiction novel, MAKERS. It imagines the birth pangs of a new remix culture.

    From http://www.writersvoice.net/2010/04/the-digital-commons/

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  2. To Be Continued?

    From http://www.theincomparable.com/2010/11/11-to-be-continued.html Three Hugo winners enter our Book Club. “Spin” by Robert Charles Wilson, “Hyperion” by Dan Simmons, and “The Yiddish Policeman’s Union” by Michael Chabon. Also: Why sequels suck. The Incomparable Participants: Jason Snell, Glenn Fleishman, Dan Moren, Scott McNulty, and Greg Knauss. The Incomparable Theme Song composed by Christopher Breen.

    Updated on Thursday evening, November 11, to fix a strange empty spot and add an explanation about what “work me like a ham” means. But you have to listen to the end. And re-download if you missed it.

    Spoiler Horn Data

    Please note that this episode contains spoilers for the three books mentioned above. The AAC version of the podcast has been demarcated with chapter breaks so you can skip some (or, heck, all!) of the spoilers for those books. Presumably so you can come back later after you’ve read the books, right?

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  3. 2010 Children’s Book & Author Breakfast to Feature Doctorow | BookExpo America Podcast

    Cory Doctorow is an activist, teacher, public speaker, and technology expert. A New York Times bestselling author, he is also co-editor of BoingBoing.net, one of the most popular blogs in the world and recipient of more than three million unique visitors per month, and a columnist for publications ranging from Information Week to The Guardian to Publishers Weekly.

    In this podcast episode, we catch up with Doctorow on book tour for his latest novel, For the Win, a young adult book about video-games, labor politics and economics. He will be at BEA 2010, speaking at the Children’s Book & Author Breakfast, on May 26 at 8:00 AM. He will be joined on the panel by Richard Peck, author of Three Quarters Dead; and Mitali Perkins, author of Bamboo People. Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, and author of Helping Hand Books: Emily’s First Day at School will be the Master of Ceremonies.


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  4. Hanselminutes Technology Podcast - Creating Science Fiction with “Zoo City” author Lauren Beukes

    Scott is in New Zealand this week speaking at Webstock and spoke to the 2011 Arthur C. Clarke award winning author of "Zoo City," Lauren Beukes. What’s her process? How does she keep it all straight and how do you know when to stop? Lauren shares how she works, how she things and discusses her upcoming projects as well as writing for comics.


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  5. Appeals Court Part 1

    Here’s the first installment of my reading of Charlie Stross’s and my gonzo Singularity novella Appeals Court. It’s the sequel to Jury Service, the first thing Charlie and I ever wrote together. We’re about to start work on Parole Board, the thrilling conclusion, which Tor will be publishing as a novel under the title Rapture of the Nerds, a title we nicked from the brilliant Ken MacLeod.

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  6. AISFP 98:€“ Paolo Bacigalupi —€” Adventures in SciFi Publishing

    Like the true champion he is, recent Hugo-winning author Paolo Bacigalupi fights through respiratory issues to chat with us about the Campbell Conference, his collaboration with Tobias Buckell on the audible.com novella The Alchemist and The Executioness, and his YA novel Ship Breaker. Off course, we also discuss how The Windup Girl, arguably the greatest debut science fiction novel, came to be. You won’t want to miss Paolo’s account of the starts and stops he took to become a published author.


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  7. 291: I Like Complicated Books, Glenn

    "Aurora" and "Luna: New Moon" - Our Book Club returns to read two recent, highly praised science fiction novels. From Kim Stanley Robinson comes “Aurora,” the story of a spaceship sent from Earth to a far-off star in a trip that will take generations. And from Ian McDonald comes “Luna: New Moon,” a sort of “Dallas” (or is it “The Godfather”?) set on and under the surface of the moon. Plus, what else are we reading?

    Host Jason Snell with Scott McNulty, Aleen Simms, Erika Ensign and Glenn Fleishman.

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