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  1. Movie Banter Episode Passenger 57

    Golden Globes, The Book of Eli, The Road, Exam, Nine, Sherlock Holmes, and ways an agent could annoy Colin Salmon all come up for discussion from Jon, Paul and Jen this episode, plus In This Week In Movie History, your emails and tweets, and Desert Island Flicks looks at the best post-apocalyptic movies of all time.

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  2. To The Best Of Our Knowledge: Time Travel

    Time plays such a big part in our lives, it’s no wonder we’re fascinated by the idea of escaping it. And what better way to escape it that to travel back into the past or forward into the future? This hour, we explore our obsession with time travel. Why is such a recurring them in movies and TV shows? And what can time travel teach us about ourselves?

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  3. The Honest Pre-flight Safety Demonstration Video That Airlines Are Afraid to Show You

    We’ve all heard the pre-flight safety speech a million times. There’s some stuff we should know about airline safety, but they’re not telling us. I spoke to an active commercial pilot and did some research to provide some more interesting and relevant info you should be getting before you fly.

    Just a little travel-related info-tainment for the summer. Enjoy.

    Doug Lansky is a TEDx and keynote speaker and advisor in the tourism industry. Find information about presentations at conferences (also virtual and webinars) for leading travel companies and destinations around the world at

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  4. Stuff You Should Know

    Live at Comic-Con: How Time Travel Works — How does time travel work? Could it ever cross the line from science fiction into science fact? Join Josh and Chuck — along with a live audience at the 2012 Comic-Con — as they explore the ins and outs of time travel.


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