Alien Invasion

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  1. Paul Davies | The Eerie Silence: Renewing Our Search for Alien Intelligence

    The acclaimed British-born theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and astrobiologist Paul Davies is the director of the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science and co-director of the Cosmology Initiative, both at Arizona State University. He is also a member of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence’s (SETI) post-detection committee. Among his numerous scientific distinctions, Davies is a recipient of the prestigious Templeton Prize for his work on science and religion. His writings include the bestsellers The Mind of God, About Time, How to Build a Time Machine, The Fifth Miracle, and The Goldilocks Enigma. In his provocative new book, Davies challenges existing ideas of what form an alien intelligence might take, how it might try to communicate with us, and how we should respond if we ever do make contact. Free Library Festival (recorded 4/17/2010)

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  2. Paul Davies: Are we alone in the universe?

    Is intelligent life trying to communicate with us from space? Professor Paul Davies explores the potential and limits of research into the origin and evolution of life, and the search for life beyond Earth. Has ET maybe visited our planet ages ago and left us a message? At the Australian National University, Paul Davies discussed his latest book The Eerie Silence: Are We Alone in the Universe?

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  3. SETI, Hawking, and Alien Contact

    A new warning from astrophysicist and global science guru Stephen Hawking: Do not talk to aliens.

    The brilliant Hawking is wheel-chair bound and speaks through a computer. But he’s thinking about the cosmos.

    With billions of galaxies, trillions of stars, the numbers tell him there’s life out there. The smartest forms could make it here. But we should not want that, says Hawking. Too much danger.

    Other scientists disagree. We’ll hear that debate, and talk to the man who heads Earth’s greeting committee for aliens.

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  4. BBC Forum: Aliens

    What do you think about the possibility of extra- terrestrial life? Are we alone in the universe? And what do aliens reveal about us? Bridget Kendall asks ecologist Chris Thomas, science fiction writer Nnedi Okorafor, and psychologist Richard McNally to pool thoughts about what aliens mean to us.

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  5. Paul Davies: “The Demon in the Machine” | Talks at Google

    Paul Davies is an English physicist, writer and broadcaster, a professor at Arizona State University as well as the Director of the Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science. His research spans fields like cosmology, quantum field theory, and astrobiology. For Talks at Google he discusses his new book "The Demon in the Machine" about how hidden webs of information are solving the mysteries of life. For generations, scientists have struggled to make sense of the fundamental question "what is life?". On the boundary of science and philosophy, Paul Davies wonders if life can be explained by known physics and chemistry, or whether we do need something fundamentally new?

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  6. The myth of matter | Robert Wright & Paul Davies [The Wright Show]

    01:55 Bob and Paul question “matter” as we know it 13:19 Is information bound to the physical world? 19:54 Finding room for consciousness in quantum physics 34:41 Paul on the faith required of scientists 44:34 What enforces the laws of physics?

    Robert Wright (, The Evolution of God, Nonzero, Why Buddhism Is True) and Paul Davies (The Eerie Silence, The Goldilocks Enigma)

    Recorded on September 27, 2017

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  7. Aspect Radio #48: COWBOYS & ALIENS, Trailer Talk, Top 5 Alien Invasion Movies

    Corey and guest host Phil Owen take on the latest in cowboys fighting aliens movies, ahem, “Cowboys & Aliens,” director Jon Favreau’s big budget adaptation of the lesser known graphic novel.

    While the film looks great and is packed with star power and special effects, it just doesn’t seem to deliver on its promising concept of mixing the two beloved genres of westerns and science fiction.

    Also on tap are new trailers for Peter Berg’s board game adaptation “Battleship” and producer/co-writer George Lucas’ Tuskegee Airmen adventure “Red Tails.”

    Finally, the guys unveil their top five alien invasion movies, which include “Independence Day,” “Mars Attacks!” “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and John Carpenter’s “The Thing.”

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