Mind Control: Psychology for the Web

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  1. Help Save SXSW from Marketer Douchebaggery - SXSWi 2011

    Is SXSWi in danger of being ruined by the influx of marketers to the conference? Coming off of SXSWi 2010, Jolie O’Dell struck a cord with her post WHY SXSW SUCKS "Too many people, not enough tech… dodging and evading these shallow douchebags… only to find swarms of douchebags showing up an hour or so after the location is made known…" We’re bringing some smart, caring minds together to move the chatter in the halls into the light of a focused panel. Can SXSWi adapt, or will it be overrun? Has the conference jumped the shark? Voices for both the tech/creator side and the marketer side make up the panel. We’re aiming to land on solutions - this isn’t meant to be bitch session. How can we address the challenges of a changing audience and optimize the conference for interactions that are valuable? Are some social ground rules called for? What will the audience for SXSWi 2015 look like? Can we envision how it could kick ass? This isn’t a challenge unique to SXSW. Most communities struggle similarly to adapt and build value. How can we learn from their mistakes and solutions? The SXSW conference is as resilient as its participants — show up and help #saveSXSW.


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  2. Interactive Podcasts: The Revenge Of Editorials

    As the Internet has accelerated the creation of all types of content, it’s become more and more difficult to sift through that content and find something of quality. We’ve tried it with machines and even mass consensus but the results are either wrong or lowest common denominator. The irony in all this is that we really need other humans to help us. The vast breadth of content on the Web only highlights what we’ve always relied upon: the valued opinion of others.

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  3. The UX of Mobile panel with Barbara Ballard, Tom Limongello, Scott Jenson and Kyle Outlaw

    The term ‘user experience’ used to be an afterthought in mobile application design. The iPhone changed all that and has set a new benchmark for user experience on mobile devices. This panel will serve as a primer for anyone interested in learning how to apply UX principles to the creation of applications for iPhone, Android, and mobile websites

    From http://audio.sxsw.com/2010/podcasts/ More info http://my.sxsw.com/events/event/694

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  4. Simple Steps to Great Web Design with Matthew Smith

    Creating beautiful web design is largely a matter of mastering a handful of simple techniques. The best designs employ systems of color, contrast, typography, and white space to achieve hierarchy, balance, and rhythm. The rest is just ingenuity and creativity. Matthew will review dozens of great and nearly great sites, explaining…

    From http://audio.sxsw.com/2010/podcasts/

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  5. PayTV vs. Internet - The Battle For Your TV with Mark Cuban (HD Net/Dallas mavericks) & Avner Ronen (Boxee)

    Two high-profile industry mavericks narrate the battle for your living room. The first thinks that Internet is the future of entertainment, video included. The second thinks Cable/Satellite will always deliver a better video experience and that Internet video will remain a small niche.

    From http://audio.sxsw.com/2010/podcasts/

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