Are the robots waking up?

Are we nearing the singularity, the point where philosophers say the computer programs we create will be smarter than us?

Artificial intelligence is all around us. In phones, in cars, in our homes. Voice recognition systems, predicative algorithms, GPS. Sometimes they may not work very well, but they are improving all the time, you might even say they are learning.

Come on an entertaining journey through the ethics of artificial intelligence or AI, the science behind intelligent computer programs and robotics. Some software engineers think about the philosophy of the artificial intelligence they are creating, others really don’t care.

You’ll also hear two very human AI stories; the strange tale of the robotic resurrection of science fiction author Philip K Dick, and the resulting android that made headlines around the world, an Australian woman and Karen Jacobsen who has a talent for making voice systems warm and human-like, bringing her International fame as the voice of Siri and giving the Aussie accent some much needed street cred.

You know her well - she’s in your phone, in your car and in your home. Is the singularity nigh?

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