RT.ie Radio 1: Documentary on One - The Calligraphers’ Song

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  1. RTÉ.ie Radio 1: Documentary on One - Good Enough Music For Them Who Love It - Pipers & Makers

    Documentary on pipers and pipemakersProducer: Proinsias O Conluain (March 8, 1978)

    Contributors:Breandan Breathnach, Andy Warnock, Dan O’Dowd, Dave Hegarty, Wilbert Garvin, Brian Vallely.

    An Irish radio documentary from RT Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries


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  2. RTÉ.ie Radio 1: Documentary on One - Our Father, Seamus Ennis

    Samus Ennis is revered as one of Ireland’s best known Uilleann Pipers and Music Collectors who amassed thousands of tunes before his death in 1982. In this documentary he is remembered by his son Christopher and his daughter Catherine. (Broadcast 1988)


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  3. RTÉ.ie Radio 1: Documentary on One - The Glen Road to Carrick

    4th October 2006

    The Dublin fiddle player Paul O’Shaughnessy’s visit to The Glen area of Co Donegal as a child was, for him, a formative experience.

    O’Shaughnessy’s mother, Pearl, was a musician and a teacher from Donegal so, in a sense it was a homecoming. It also became an introduction to a style of music that his own name was to become associated with in time.

    Paul has played with Altan and Beginish and is renowned also as a solo performer. Although born and brought up in Dublin his musical roots have always been from Donegal.

    The Glen Road runs from the town of Carrick to Glencolmcille but ‘The Glen Road to Carrick’ is one of ‘the big’, defining, Donegal tunes; a reel.

    This documentary is also an exploration of a musical style told through this tune and the memories of those who’ve played it.

    Produced by Peter Woods

    An Irish radio documentary from RT Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries


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  4. Documentary on One: The Siege at Jadotville

    In September 1961 a company of Irish troops under siege at the isolated post of Jadotville, Congo was forced to surrender to authorities in the secessionist province of Katanga.

    This documentary looks at the circumstances leading up to the incident: the confusion surrounding the role of the UN force and the failure to learn the lessons of the incident.

    At the heart of the documentary, officers and men who served in the Congo recount the events of 1961 and the programme asks why authorities in Ireland and the UN remain reluctant to comment on the true nature of what happened at Jadotville.

    Presented and produced by Tom McGuire.

    First broadcast January 21st 2004.

    An Irish radio documentary from RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries

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  5. RTÉ.ie Radio 1: Documentary on One - The Fiddler’s Frenzy

    In The Fiddler’s Frenzy, Aoife Nic Cormaic presents a bi-lingual feature about fiddle players and the magic of fiddling - clr dhtheangach a bhreathnaonn ar an ndraocht a bhaineann le ceol na fidile.

    The fiddle is one of the most popular instruments in Ireland and evidence suggests that this has been the case throughout history - indeed there is evidence of bowed instruments in Dublin dating back even as far as the 11th century.

    Over the centuries the form of the fiddle (or violin) has developed and the one now seen played, only emerged in Italy in 1550. But its popularity has never waned and tin fiddles were even used in some areas when wooden ones were harder to come by.

    For some people the attraction of the fiddle is its closeness to the human voice, its range and adaptability. It is also a very beautiful instrument, which is equally at home playing jazz, bluegrass, classical music, folk or traditional music.

    In the documentary, Aoife Nic Cormaic talks to fiddle players - including Martin Hayes, Mairad N Mhaonaigh and Charlie Lennon about the attraction of the fiddle.

    Listeners will also hear voices from the archives speaking about their love of fiddles and fiddle music.

    Aoife also talks to fiddle maker Kieran Crehan, and to writers and folklorists about the fact and the fiction associated with the instrument.

    Produced by Aoife Nic Cormaic. Production supervision by Lorelei Harris.

    "The Fiddler’s Frenzy" was first broadcdast on the 5th March 2003.

    It was part of a short season of bi-lingual documentaries called ‘Fusion’ in the Documentary on One slot on RT Radio 1.

    An Irish radio documentary from RT Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries


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  6. RTÉ Radio 1: Documentary on One - Late MacBeth

    In this documentary, produced by Lorelei Harris, we hear from the wife of George MacBeth who gives us an insight into the incredible man.

    Born in 1932 in Shotts, Lanarkshire, George MacBeth would go on to to join BBC radio where he worked as a producer of programmes on poetry.

    In his later life, MacBeth moved to Tuam, Co. Galway, soon after which he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. He died in 1992.

    Produced by: Lorelei Harris

    First Broadcast on 17th October 1992

    An Irish radio documentary from RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries.


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