RTÉ.ie Radio 1: Documentary on One - The Tar Road to Sligo

A documentary about musicians Thom Moore and Vincent Harrison and their relationship to Ireland and America.

Singer/Songwriter Thom Moore was born in California. Fiddle Player Vincent Harrison is from Dromahair, Co. Leitrim.

The two never met but their paths have intersected. Thom Moore discovered Irish Traditional music by accident and seeking the land that created such richness, he sold up and brought his family to Ireland. His first musical group, Pumpkinhead, brought a bluegrass touch to the Irish music scene. Meanwhile, Vincent Harrison had found a similar sense of musical and personal community in New York.

The Tar Road to Sligo looks at the parallel lives of the two. Neither found exactly what he sought in the transatlantic crossover, yet found enough to carve out a new life.

The documentary features songs by Thom Moore and music by Vincent Harrison, including a recording he made with the legendary Lad O’Beirne and Martin Wynne in New York.

Produced by Peter Woods.

Production supervision by Lorelei Harris

First Broadcast June 23rd 1999