Inside the Imagination of China Mieville

China Miéville is probably the best new writer in the ‘new weird’ genre. He’s got a seriously prolific output and he manages to push the limits of fantasy, science fiction and horror to a very appreciative younger audience.

He’s pulled together a whole bunch of skills: fantasy/science fiction writer; would be politician - he ran on the Socialist Alliance ticket for the UK general election in 2001 - and he did his Phd on Marxism and International Law at the London School of Economics. He also draws and writes comics.

He could only be British.

This conversation covers high surrealism, pulp modernism, H.P. Lovecraft, the Call of Cthulhu and a love of garbage, octopuses and trains.

If you don’t read his books, your teenage children probably do…and love him.

China is generous with questions from the audience – as he should be, they buy his books, but not every writer is; and he seriously addresses the basic structuring of his books in answer to a keen young fan. If you follow him on various blogs, you’ll notice that he seems very connected to his audience.

Writer James Bradley is in conversation with him at the Perth Writers Festival, and they begin talking about his latest book, Railsea.

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