The Best of Everything — Chloe Weil

What kind of year has it been?

This is not a Best of 2013 list; it’s just that this year was different. I don’t listen to a lot of contemporary music because everything was better last century, and since music is not social for me, there’s nothing to keep me current. I listened to a lot of college radio this year, and through it I discovered a lot of new music and new-to-me music. Crucially, I was able to support many of them on Bandcamp, and now I’m addicted to Bandcamp like people are addicted to Kickstarter.

I’m just sharing these, and not trying to convince you that they’re the best because this is not that. So instead of reminding you again for the nth time this December that The National released an album this year that is a great name for a racehorse, I’m going to anachronistically mention that I heard some songs on the radio so I made a mixtape and, like, support your local scene.


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