Episode #30 — Dan Cederholm Has Mad Respect For Bee Beards : Pixel Recess

Happy Holiday Christmas New Year stuff! You’ve waited for weeks and days and now it’s here, the chin-wagging talk-time with Mr. Dan Cederholm. Aside from writing no more than 2 Volumes of CSS based fan-fiction, Dan is a self professed flannelback, clown school dropout, chronic mis-speller and founder of Dribbble (the 3rd “b” is always silent and 4 b’s make any word French).

When Dan isn’t drinking New England moonshine you can find Dan honing his skills making balloon art, communing with ghosts, fantasizing about bee based fashion and writing banjo music about CSS and SaSS. Previous to a horrific FBI incident involving witches propaganda Dan wanted to be a clown.

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