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  1. Presentable #51: An Oral History of Web Standards With Jeffrey Zeldman - Relay FM

    Designer, author, speaker, publisher, podcaster and longtime friend Jeffrey Zeldman joins the show to reminisce on the origin of the Web Standards Project and it’s legacy 20 years on.

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  2. The Decentralized Web

    S01E07: The Decentralized Web

    Darius talks a lot about the decentralized web and in particular ActivityPub, a newish web specification that is trying its best to make it possible for social network sites to talk to each other in a standardized way. You might be familiar with Mastodon as a kind of Twitter replacement, and we talk about that but also PeerTube and a few other things. Emma has many questions about this uncharted territory of the web, and Darius answers them by saying "well, in theory" a lot. Like a lot a lot. Things mentioned: the Friend Camp code of conduct and that time Facebook bought Instagram and then disabled Instagram’s Twitter compatibility.

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  3. The Web Is Agreement

    This presentation on web standards was delivered at the State Of The Browser conference in London in September 2018.

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  4. #13 – E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial – Settling the Score

    John Williams makes his first appearance on the AFI’s list at #14, with his 1982 score for E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Why does this movie ask so much of its music? What’s the relationship between a composer and a temp score? And, how loud are your keys?

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  5. Episode 223 - Adam Rutherford

    In this episode of Talk Nerdy, Cara speaks with Dr. Adam Rutherford, author of "A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived: The Human Story Retold Through Our Genes." They dive deep into human genetics, including what consumer DNA tests can and can’t tell you about your genetic history. They also discuss the sordid history of eugenics as a scientific discipline. Follow Adam: @AdamRutherford.

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  6. #21 – Jaws – Settling the Score

    You’re not gonna need a bigger podcast – this one’s about John Williams’ 1975 score for Jaws, the #6 score on the AFI’s list! How did Williams change Spielberg’s conception of his own movie? In a score often remembered for its simplicity, how many different complex flavors does he actually bring? And, what one weird trick can let you know whether a shark is coming to eat you?

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  7. #8 – Planet of the Apes – Settling the Score

    Jerry Goldsmith’s score for the 1968 sci-fi landmark Planet of the Apes was #18 on the AFI’s list the whole time! What technique does Goldsmith call on to sound so alien? What wacky instruments does he throw into the mix? And have we finally seen the last of Charlton Heston’s bare chest?

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  8. #3 – The Mission – Settling the Score

    #23 on the AFI’s list is Ennio Morricone’s score for the 1986 period drama The Mission. Why is the music accompanying Robert De Niro’s redemption so powerful? Is the “Gabriel’s Oboe” theme too noodly? And, what did Jon say to Ennio when he briefly met him that one time?

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  9. Behemoth, bully, thief: how the English language is taking over the planet – podcast | News | The Guardian

    No language in history has dominated the world quite like English does today. Is there any point in resisting?

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  10. 326: Learning Web Design with Jennifer Robbins - ShopTalk

    Jennifer Robbins stops by ShopTalk Show to talk about her recently updated book, Learning Web Design - what’s been updated, who the book is for, and what’s changed since she first published the book.

    —Huffduffed by adactio

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