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  1. Psychohistory: Isaac Asimov and guiding the future

    100 years on from Isaac Asimov’s birth, Matthew Sweet looks at one of the bigger ideas contained in some of his 500 books; Psychohistory.

    The idea, from Asimov’s Foundation series, was that rather like the behaviour of a gas could be reduced to statistical probabilities of the behaviour of billions of molecules, so the history of billions of human beings across the fictional galactic empire could be predicted through a few laws he called ‘Psychohistory’.

    The idea inspired many to think that social sciences and economics can really be reduced to some sort of idealized set of physics principles, making future events completely predictable. It and similar ideas are still breeding enthusiasm for such things as data science, AI, machine learning, and arguably even the recent job advert by Downing Street advisor Dominic Cummings for more ‘Super-Talented Wierdos’ to work for government. But how do we see what is real and what is not, what is Sci-Fi and what is hype, what is reasonable and what is desirable, in the gaps between innovation and inspiration, restraint and responsibility?

    Jack Stilgoe of University College London has a new book out ‘Who’s Driving Innovation?’. Science and Tech journalist Gemma Milne’s forthcoming book is called ‘Smoke and Mirrors: How hype obscures the future and How to see past it’. Una McCormack is an expert on science fiction writing at Anglia Ruskin University, and Alexander Boxer is a data scientist who’s new book ‘Scheme of Heaven’ makes the case that we have much to learn about human efforts to deduce the future from observable events by looking at the history of Astrology, its aims and techniques.

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  2. The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast Episode 32: Geoff McArthur (Mandolin, Guitar, Singing)

    Lunasa disturb the sleeping Geoff McArthur, Martin Hayes bewitches him, and hey presto - Geoff falls in love with Irish music. We also talk songwriting, teaching and mentoring young musicians at the Lake School of Celtic Music, Song and Dance in Koroit. And he sings a song and makes us cry. Can’t ask for more than that.

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  3. Tali Sharot: The optimism bias | TED Talk

    Are we born to be optimistic, rather than realistic? Tali Sharot shares new research that suggests our brains are wired to look on the bright side — and how that can be both dangerous and beneficial.

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  4. 19: Scientists, collaboration, and groupthink with Albion Lawrence (EF, JP) – Recall This Book

    In this episode John and Elizabeth sit down with Brandeis string theorist Albion Lawrence to discuss cooperation versus solitary study across disciplines. They sink their teeth into the question, “Why do scientists seem to do collaboration and teamwork better than other kinds of scholars and academics?”  The conversation ranges from the merits of collective biography…

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  5. Secrets of the Uilleann Pipes (Episode 5) - Dancing at the Crossroads

    In this episode of Dancing at the Crossroads, we explore the uilleann pipes, one of the most challenging instruments in traditional Irish music. Artists include Feachra O’Regan, Kara Doyle, Colleen Shanks, Benedict Koehler, Liam O’Flynn and others.!6631d

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  6. The Lost Tapes (Episode 4) - Dancing at the Crossroads

    Dancing at the Crossroads podcast is an offshoot of the PBS documentary by the same name. In Episode 4, we hear never before heard recordings made in the 1950s and 1960s of some of the top Irish and Irish-American singers and musicians of their time. Joe Ryan, Maura McLoughlin, Charlie Mulvihill, Tommy Mulvihill (age 10), and Joe Cunningham are among the featured artists.!9a080

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  7. The Irish Rockaways (Episode 3) - Dancing at the Crossroads

    Dancing at the Crossroads explores Irish and Irish-American music. In Episode 3, we take a trip to New York’s Rockaways, once known as the Irish Riviera. Featured artists include Paddy Noonan, Joanie Madden and Cherish the Ladies, Michael Coleman, The Flanagan Brothers, Mickey and Mary Carton, the Noel Henry Showband, Hellcat Maggie, Brendan Ward and his Orchestra, and the Glenn Miller Orchestra.!7c1b0

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  8. The Hidden History of Leeds (Episode 2) - Dancing at the Crossroads

    Dancing at the Crossroads is an outgrowth of the PBS documentary, Irish Catskills: Dancing at the Crossroads. It explores Irish and Irish-American culture through the words and music of musicians and historians and often features rare tracks heard nowhere else. The podcast is hosted by Kevin Ferguson, director of the PBS documentary.!69c4d

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  9. A Prayer for Peter (Episode 1) - Dancing at the Crossroads

    Dancing at the Crossroads podcast is dedicated to telling the story of Irish-American culture. It begins in the Irish Catskills in upstate New York and visits other ares around the country. The inaugural episode features Peter McKiernan, a.k.a., Mr. Catskills. This podcast is an offshoot of the Irish Catskills: Dancing at the Crossroads documentary that airs regularly on PBS.!639a3

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  10. YANSS 077 – The Conjunction Fallacy – You Are Not So Smart

    Here is a logic puzzle created by psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. "Linda is single, outspoken, and very bright. She majored in philosophy. As a student, she was deeply concerned with the issue of discrimination and social justice, and also participated in demonstrations. Which of the following is more probable: Linda is a bank…

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