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  1. Dekker on Rasmussen – Safety Differently

    Jens Rasmussen passed away on February 5, 2018.At the time, Sidney Dekker shared his thoughts with the Safety Differently Book Club via the attached recording.On the second anniversary of Rasmussen’s passing, I thought it would be appropriate to share this clip more broadly. I hope it encourages many others to explore his work and his legacy.

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  2. A Portland Family’s Journey From Homelessness To Home . Radio | OPB

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  3. Digital Mindfulness podcast #10, “How to Thrive in the Digital Age”

    How do we thrive online? In this episode, the author, TEDster, philosopher, Fellow of the Saïd Business School and The School of Life In London Tom Chatfield, and I speak about his varied perspectives on how we can thrive in a digital age. In this amazing, wide-ranging talk, Tom and I discuss how our interactions with technology can be made more meaningful by embracing the innate qualities that make us uniquely human.

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  4. There Is Growing Evidence that Our Universe Is a Giant Hologram | Motherboard

    If this depiction of space is correct, then like any computer, there is an inherent limit to the universe’s data storage and processing capacity.

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