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  1. Preserving—And Telling—Space History

    You know the iconic stories of space history. But new stories may still be waiting to be found in archives and museum collections. 


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  2. Our Ancient Obsession With Capturing the Moon

    For millennia, humans have been trying to see the moon, capture its craters, and imagine what it could be like up there.


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  3. Why Do Mosquitoes Like To Bite Humans?

    Even though humans and other mammals emit similar odor compounds, a new study finds mosquitoes can still detect the difference.


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  4. Sustainable Eating In A Warming World

    Scientists are finding smarter ways to grow and distribute our food, and encourage sustainable eating.


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  5. How The Allies Sabotaged The Nazi Atomic Bomb

    The Allies were terrified the Nazi atomic bomb would be ready before their own—and they were willing to try anything to stop them.


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  6. Archaeologists Use Satellites To Discover Lost Ancient Cities

    In her new book "Archaeology from Space," Sarah Parcak explores how modern tools are helping us learn lessons from ancient history. 


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  7. A Rollback Of The Clean Power Plan

    The Trump administration replaced the greenhouse reducing Clean Power Plan with a proposal that has narrow regulations for power plants. 


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  8. Turning Proteins Into Music

    Original video: https://www.sciencefriday.com/segments/turning-proteins-into-music/
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  9. Dave Jaggar: “A History of the ARM Microprocessor and it’s Rise and Fall […]” | Talks at Google

    Dave discusses the novel and inspiring career that led to the ARM architecture which effectively powers the digital world, being the reason that your phone is small and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

    In the late 1980’s Acorn, a British one-hit-wonder computer company, faced imminent extinction, with its only assets being 18 months of life support rations and perhaps the worst microprocessor ever designed. What they did right was to hire Dave Jaggar, with the ink still wet on his master’s thesis. Over eight years Dave systematically defined the entire ARM architecture, enabling it to be a popular embedded controller for the digital revolution, with around 100 billion units shipped. As ARM’s Head of Architecture Design, Dave authored the ARM Architectural Reference Manual and is the Founding Director of the ARM Austin Design Center.

    Get the book here: https://goo.gle/2Xiheya.

    Moderated by Raymond Blum.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6sh097Dk5k
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  10. Why We Need To Talk About Microbes And Climate

    Microbes are everywhere and have close ties to the climate. So, why are they often absent from discussion about climate change?


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