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  1. In Reaction To Trump, Democratic Candidates Surge In Deep-Red Texas : NPR

    For the first time in 25 years, Democrats are running in all of Texas’ 36 congressional districts. But that doesn’t mean they can win in the Republican state.


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  2. Palestinians Face Pressure To Assimilate In Jerusalem : NPR

    President Trump may have handed Israel a symbolic victory with his recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, but every day in East Jerusalem, Palestinians face pressures to assimilate. With hope for a two-state solution dwindling, more families are applying for Israeli passports, and more Palestinian children are attending schools that teach the official Israeli curriculum.


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  3. California Officials Say Thomas Fire Is The Fifth Largest In State History : NPR

    California officials say the Thomas Fire advancing on Santa Barbara is now the fifth worst in state history. This announcement comes after firefighters lost ground in containing it over the weekend.


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  4. U.S Wants Peacekeeping Force In Ukraine-Russia Dispute : NPR

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Ukraine needs an international peacekeeping force to patrol its border with Russia. The Kremlin has a different idea of where it would be placed and operate.


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  5. As GOP Lawmakers Eye Cutting Estate Tax, Will They Increase Income Inequality? : NPR

    As Republicans prepare to pass their massive tax overhaul, they are planning to lessen, or even eliminate, the estate tax. But critics say the tax plays an important role in making the economy fair.


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  6. White House National Security Adviser Explains Reasoning For Jerusalem Decision : NPR

    President Trump’s announcement that the United States will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has generated a wide variety of reaction around the world. Michael Anton, senior national security adviser to President Trump, explains the White House rationale for making the decision.


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  7. Christian Nationalists Taking Political Center Stage : NPR

    Christian nationalists like Senate candidate Roy Moore argue that the United States was established as a Christian nation, to be governed by Christian principles.


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  8. A Diplomat On The Reported ‘Hollowing Out’ Of The State Department : NPR

    Steve Inskeep talks to veteran diplomat Nicholas Burns about the latest departures from the State Department and what impact these losses are having on U.S. foreign policy.


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  9. Rohingya Trapped In ‘Dehumanizing’ Conditions, Report Says : NPR

    A report details the state Muslim Rohingya, who are still in Myanmar, are forced to live in. Steve Inskeep talks to Laura Haigh, a Myanmar researcher with Amnesty International about the findings.


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  10. Seattle Defends Its New High-Earner Income Tax In Court : NPR

    The first legal steps challenging a Seattle income tax pit the city’s progressive policy against longstanding resistance to taxing income in Washington state.


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