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  1. What Secretary Of State Tillerson Worked On In 2017 : NPR

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says he hasn’t put any diplomatic wins on the board this year, but he believes his reforms are putting the State Department in a better, more efficient place. His critics don’t agree and say it will take the department years to recover.


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  2. U.S Wants Peacekeeping Force In Ukraine-Russia Dispute : NPR

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Ukraine needs an international peacekeeping force to patrol its border with Russia. The Kremlin has a different idea of where it would be placed and operate.


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  3. Secretaries of Defense and State Testify On Law Used To Wage War : NPR

    The Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations committee on whether the Authorization for the Use of Military, passed shortly after 9/11, should be amended or repealed. The law is still the basis for U.S. wars and military operations around the globe.


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  4. After Visiting Afghanistan And Iraq, Tillerson Goes To Pakistan And India : NPR

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson brought along six journalists this time — more than previous trips but about half of the press pool that covered former secretaries of state.


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  5. Secretary Of State Tillerson Says There Are Moderate Voices Among The Taliban : NPR

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson went to Kabul and Baghdad today as he tries to help wind down two ongoing conflicts. On his trip, he told reporters that the fight against the Taliban must continue, but that there is an opening for certain parts of the group.


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  6. Tillerson’s Mideast Agenda : NPR

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is on a diplomatic push in the Mideast to help Syria and Iraq rebuild after what the Trump administration says are major victories over ISIS.


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  7. Tillerson Off To Middle East And South Asia For A Round Of Diplomatic Tests : NPR

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has a tough trip ahead. He’s trying to heal a rift between key Arab allies, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and later in the week will head to South Asia to expand relations with India.


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  8. Tillerson Says He Never Considered Resigning As Secretary Of State : NPR

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson addressed the press to refute a report that he considered quitting his job. But the episode raises more questions about the workings of the Trump administration.


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  9. Washington Sends Mixed Signals To North Korea : NPR

    President Trump says Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is wasting his time negotiating with North Korea. Tillerson says he’s keeping open channels for now, mostly to talk about humanitarian concerns.


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  10. Lawmakers Urge Tillerson Not To Cut Diplomacy In State Department Redesign : NPR

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been redesigning the State Department, and many in Congress are worried that he’s gutting U.S. diplomacy. The House Foreign Affairs Committee weighs in at a hearing with Tillerson’s deputy.


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