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  1. Palestinians Face Pressure To Assimilate In Jerusalem : NPR

    President Trump may have handed Israel a symbolic victory with his recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, but every day in East Jerusalem, Palestinians face pressures to assimilate. With hope for a two-state solution dwindling, more families are applying for Israeli passports, and more Palestinian children are attending schools that teach the official Israeli curriculum.


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  2. Pentagon Officials Say Transgender People Can Enlist In Military Next Year : NPR

    Pentagon officials say starting on Jan. 1, 2018, transgender people can enlist in the U.S. military. President Trump has opposed allowing transgender people to serve, but the Pentagon decision comes as courts are ruling against efforts to bar transgender enlistment.


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  3. Women Who Accused President Trump Of Sexual Misconduct Want Congress To Investigate : NPR

    With allegations of sexual harassment and assault in the forefront of politics, women who have accused President Trump of misconduct are renewing calls for him to be held accountable.


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  4. The Tax Bill And The Military : NPR

    President Trump has promised to increase military spending. Rachel Martin talks to retired Army Col. Peter Mansoor about whether that spending is possible under the Republican tax plan.


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  5. Democrats Weigh The Political Risks Of Calling For Trump’s Impeachment : NPR

    Billionaire Tom Steyer has launched a TV ad campaign calling for impeaching President Trump. That may please many in the Democratic base, but others are wary of that message heading into 2018.


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  6. Violence In Jerusalem Follows Trump’s Decision To Recognize City As Israel’s Capital : NPR

    Palestinians demonstrated and clashed with Israeli troops in protest of President Trump’s declaring the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. But mostly they’re considering their next steps.


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  7. Middle East Scholar Shares Regional Response To Trump’s Jerusalem Decsion : NPR

    NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly talks with Middle East scholar Dr. Shelby Telhami about his regional view of President Trump’s Jerusalem announcement yesterday. The decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has sparked violence in parts of the Mideast.


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  8. Religious Leaders Divided Over Trump’s Jerusalem Decision : NPR

    Several Jewish-American groups and evangelical Christians applauded President Trump’s announcement. Other Christian and Jewish leaders as well as some Muslim-majority nations criticized the move.


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  9. Democrats Want Protection For DREAMers Included In Government Funding Bill : NPR

    Democrats want a permanent legal fix to protect so-called DREAMers, undocumented immigrants who arrived in this country with their parents when they were young children. The Democrats want to resolve the issue as part of year-end negotiations over funding the federal government. President Trump pushed back on their demands Wednesday.


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  10. Ambassador Dennis Ross Offers Historical Perspective On Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement : NPR

    NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly talks with Ambassador Dennis Ross, a longtime U.S. diplomat, about the history of Jerusalem since partition and the implications of Wednesday’s announcement by President Trump. Ross has a long history of involvement in seeking peace in the Mideast in both Republican and Democratic administrations.


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