In Germany, A Comedy Renaissance : NPR

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  1. Is A 500-Year-Old German Beer Law Heritage Worth Honoring? : The Salt : NPR

    A German brewers association is seeking UNESCO World Heritage status for a 500-year-old law that dictates how to make beer. The brewers argue that the law ensures purity in German beers. But others say the law is from a bygone era.

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  2. Smuggled over the border: the school trip, the Stasi and the East German defector – podcast | World news | The Guardian

    In 1984, a group of West German schoolchildren smuggled an East German defector out of East Germany. Sophie Hardach speaks to those involved. Plus: Jo Holdaway on the GM anti-virus drug that saved her daughter’s life

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  3. Lynching Of Robert Prager Underlined Anti-German Sentiment During World War I : NPR

    It became dangerous to be German in the U.S. after the country entered World War I. But it was fatal for Robert Prager. The immigrant was lynched in the town of Collinsville, Ill. It’s a story people in the St. Louis suburb didn’t talk about for years, but today it’s on display at a local museum.

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